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doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Hello!  My name is Nicole and I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.  I am a wife, mom and entrepreneur.  Essential oils were never on my radar as an option for my families’ wellness and to be honest, I thought that they were voodoo magic.  Not until my daughter (age 3 at the time) started having major health issues did I open myself up to trying essential oils.  As a Mother, when it comes to my daughters’ wellness I will do anything to make her feel better.  Traditional healthcare methods weren’t providing her relief so essential oils were a natural alternative option.  A friend of mine shared some of doTERRA’s  Digest Zen and Ginger essential oils with me.  Both oils were selected as they are powerful in aiding gastrointestinal type issues which she was suffering from.  After a week of using both oils on my daughters’ feet and tummy she started having relief from her symptoms.  To be able to help my daughter using natural options was life changing for myself and my family.  That is when my passion and drive was born to share these amazing oils with others.
What is a Wellness Advocate?  My role as a Wellness Advocate is to help guide you on your path to incorporating natural solutions into your daily life.  I will help you by providing educational tools and information on how to use, when to use and why to use essential oils.  But most importantly, my end goal is to empower you to know that using doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade products will get the job done safely and effectively!  I am so excited to work together with you on your journey with doTERRA!  Book a phone or in person appointment with me today so we can discuss your health and wellness needs.